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Danish Cultural Institute in Saint-Petersburg, Danish Film Institute, Tour de Film International Festival Agency with the support of “Avrora” film theatre present:

From 9th until 22th of March in the “Avrora” film theatre (Nevsky pr., 60) will be held the “SILENT MOVIES + LIVE MUSIC: DANISH PHENOMENON” film festival. The festival is coincided with the 100th anniversary of “Avrora” film theatre and with the 10th anniversary of Danish Cultural Institute in Saint-Petersburg. 

During this festive days we will join silent black-and-white movies with contemporary music on the stage of “Avrora” film theatre, which back in 1913 was known by the name of “Picadilli”.

The festival will be opened on 9th of March at 7 p.m. with the romantic drama “Towards the Light” (1919) by the director Holger-Madsen. The star of the film is the great Danish actress and first world-wide known European film star Asta Nielsen. Music will be provided by famous Russian piano player and composer Alexandr Lygun.


"Towards the Light"

"Towards the Light" (1919)

Alexandr Lygun (photo — Andrey Kononov)

Alexandr Lygun

On March 15th, at 7 p.m. we will demonstrate a comic detective film by A. W. Sandberg “The Hill Park Mystery” (1923) with the musical accompaniment of the contrabass virtuoso, leader of the band “VolkovTrio” and one of the best jazz musicians in Russia Vladimir Volkov.

"The Hill Park Mystery"

"The Hill Park Mystery" (1923)

Vladimir Volkov (photo — Mark Tso)

Vladimir Volkov

And finally, on March 22th, at 7 p.m. you will have the chance to enjoy a science fiction utopia “A Trip to Mars” by Holger-Madsen in the musical interpretation of Andrey Surotdinov, a violinist of the Russian band “Aquarium”.

"A Trip to Mars"

"A Trip to Mars" (1918)

Andrey Surotdinov (photo — Mikhail Surotdinov)

Andrey Surotdinov

Off-program of the festival contains the lecture “The phenomenon of Danish cinema” by famous Russian film critic Alexey Gusev on 2th of March, 3 p.m.

All films are shown in English version with Russian subtitles

Ticket price is 300 rubles, 350 on the day of the screening.


09.03.13, Saturday, 7:00 pm
Towards the Light
Romantic drama / 1919 / Holger-Madsen / 55'00''
Starring Asta Nielsen and Alf Blutecher
Musician: Alexandr Lygun

15.03.13, Friday, 7:00 pm
The Hill Park Mystery
Comic detective film / 1923 / A. W. Sandberg / 75'00''
Starring Gorm Schmidt and Olga Belajeff
Musician: Vladimir Volkov (“VolkovTrio”)

22.03.13, Friday, 7:00 pm
A Trip to Mars
Science fiction / 1918 / Holger-Madsen / 80'00''
Starring Gunnar Tolnæs, Zanny Petersen and Lilly Jacobson
Musician: Andrey Surotdinov (“Aquarium”)

“Avrora” film theatre
Nevsky pr., 60
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